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Business schools and MBA programs:

Our trips include visits to Israel’s world-renowned universities, academic institutions, R&D centers, historical sites and companies, and meetings with professors, politicians, entrepreneurs and Israeli peer students. You will learn what makes Israel a global hub for innovation while gaining leadership skills and valuable connections for your future.

University Entrepreneurial Seminars

Tour Israel’s leading companies and academic institutions, and meet with the curious and empowered entrepreneurs and activists who are working tirelessly to achieve better conditions of existence for all. Experience Israel’s most iconic institutions with an eye toward 3000 years of innovation as well as Israel’s vision for the future. Discover how Israel’s pioneering spirit of inquiry, can-do attitude, and strong sense of purpose have produced unique breakthrough solutions to real world problems, despite formidable challenges. You will be led by a professional tour educator with years of experience in the Israeli start-up world.

Forestry and Agriculture on the Desert’s Edge

Explore the forestry and agriculture of Israel and Jordan in a unique trip that introduces you the landscapes, geopolitical reality and must-see sites of both countries, with an eye towards all things fauna. Discover how Israel has become a leader in innovative agricultural technology despite the challenges of war, natural disaster and a desert climate, and meet leading environmentalists, politicians, entrepreneurs and agricultural experts.

Study in Israel
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